Why BI must come before Big Data

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In recent weeks I have read many articles and reports, that show how large companies are structured to meet your data intelligence needs. Although they are subjects in vogue, BI and Big Data are different but complementary.

It is true that since 2011 Big Data gained prominence in discussions on digital advertising. On the other hand, having a BI space within each company is now mandatory and important as the company need to use their databases wisely for decision making. Currently, the BI has reached a certain maturity with defined templates and can be used with a variety of platforms, but dispenses with the best and most robust existing tool in the world – the human brain.

BI is different from Big Data

Big Data handles a huge volume of data, structured or unstructured, and in some cases handled only by mainframes (large computers), supported by robust and expensive tools, not to mention all the staff that works hard on this platform. Big Data seeks to find correlations between the analyzed data without worrying about the meaning of these correlations. That is where the complementarity with BI: look at these correlations, often new and strange, to take learnings and insights to apply in the strategies is a BI Area task.

Segments such as banks, Telephony, Airlines, Petrochemical, researchers, Meteorological System and Google own practice require Big Data. These companies make use of these giant bases, associated with a variety of tools to create and study highly accurate models and complex “predict the future”.

Okay, assuming that everyone understands the difference and complementarity between Big Data and BI, and most companies and agencies already know that in this world of qualified measurement rather than have data. The important thing is knowing what to do with them, the question is, how to do?

Today, to use data intelligence, Its not necessarily need to keep in mind the ​​Big Data for future use. It can be pretty meant and announce that “we have our area of ​​Big Data, let’s all mine our database for us to take the best decisions.” But if you do not have BI structured in a consistent and mature way, riding an area of ​​Big Data is virtually impossible. For this reason I recommend that you choose people and partners who are really qualified for this job and know to guide investment, properly guiding implementation schedules for these data intelligence structures.

As I said earlier in this article, using BI is required and necessary. Already big data depends on the volume of data you want to manipulate and time when your company is in this process.

I recommend to review the criteria and planning to avoid waste and frustration in this process. If you ask me one piece of advice, I’d say the biggest challenge that we have to win today is we can insert BI as a strategic element in decisions by focusing on the planning, creation and media. I see some companies understand this movement and agencies changing their ways to plan campaigns and actions in the digital environment, but it’s still a job that will take a reasonable time. Am I wrong? Time will tell…

Sharique is a Freelance Web Developer, WordPress Specialist, PHP Programmer, a Computer Engineer, and an SEO Consultant. During his free time he enjoys blogging, music, and traveling around the world. You can find Sharique online or in New Delhi, India.

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